Prayer of the Heart

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Digital prints – process through high resolution digital printers.

Giclee Printing- also termed Iris printing. Considered the highest form of art reproduction. Uses the highest resolution along with the finest dot matrix systems. Images are reproduced as good or better than the original. Printed on paper or canvas with 200 year archival inks. The canvas prints should be stretched. Paper Giclee prints should be mounted matted and framed under glass.

Original art paintings are available upon request.

Painter while ministering the Word thru art in studio. '01 I was praying with a team for a friend's healing. I started to have a vision of a very bright horizontal line. It was brighter toward the middle. Next I started to see an image that appeared to be the crucifixion and the top of the cross was fixed at the horizontal light line. The bottom of the cross was arcing toward me. The cross kept moving toward me until it moved right into me. It was very powerful. I was lead to paint this vision at the angle  represented. I didn't have a sense that the painting was finished.

Three years later I was working on a study of the curtain that was torn in the Holy of Holies. For that study I painted the curtain. I had finished the curtain and put it off to the side for quite some time. All of a sudden I heard 'tear the curtain' , and that point I had totally forgotten about the curtain that I had painted before. I found it again and had it in my hands. I happened to be also in front of this painting and again I heard 'tear the curtain'. I then tore the curtain and instinctively knew to approach the painting and placed the 2 torn pieces. It was only then that the painting 'Prayer of the Heart' was completed.

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