100% Hoboti China Silk. Hand painted, steam fixed and delicate wash to reveal it's special hand that is reflective of this special type of silk. What you will find outstanding about this is product is the feel, which termed 'hand', is incredibly soft. There's also a wonderful sheen to the scarf.

The Peach scarf is one of the new spring line of scarves in the inventory. The peach color that define the body of the scarf is enhanced by the sprinkle of fuchsia dots that expresses raspberries thru the body of the scarf. It also pops thru in the body of color to enhance the overall design.

As with all of the Manna Silks Design Scarves I'm in search of strong, pure color designs that reflect the fabulous fun of the process of silk painting. The joy of the creative process comes thru in the fresh designs in these product lines. There is an arrangement of gold dots that brings a little bling

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