Prophetic Art Classes

Teaching in two avenues. One being to the ‘Church’ and the other to the creatively

Kingdom Creativity Schools are events that are focused on those who are looking to
develop their creative abilities and sensitivity to The Creator, who is the source of that
creativity. Usually scheduled with multiple meetings with studio times attached. The first
parts being teaching and the studio times being more focused on one on one
impartation. Seeking inspiration, the breath of heaven, in all of our endeavors.

When teaching to the ‘Church’ I’m thematically looking to wake up the whole Body to the
fact of their own creativity. As He is, so we are. Because God is the creator and we are
created in His likeness that means we are creative as well. When we are in relationship
with Him, we can’t help but be creative.



Prophetic Art Classes — 4 Comments

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  2. There is no doubt that where the arts are included in a child’s life that they recieve a fuller understanding of who they are. Also more strength to be able to walk in that way.

  3. Love how the Lord is using your talents! Looking foarrwd to reading how things are going with your ministry in your blog. I have dreams of starting the same type of ministry. Running across your website was a pleasant encouragement! May God bless you!

  4. Thanks for your encouragement. Just did a 4 day conf. ‘Under the Green Tree” in Natick, MA. Metro-West Bridge. We’re looking to set up Apostolic Resource Ctrs. Regional and National.